Group courses

Group courses

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We have a real meaning in happiness, to good communication.

It is hard to pick up this is unexpectedly know everyone, but good communication method. And I learn and have come to learn I [OPA].

The [OPA] from the seminar would you like?

  [OPA] seminar

Group course list

Will guide the Group Department.

And would like to know more about "for more information" button click.
-Click the "schedule / registration" button would want to know about the schedule, you want to apply.
-Information held hope, please click "contact us". Or directly near the therapist to ask.«Therapist referral»

  Course preparation

  Family care Foundation course

  Home care courses

  Course work use [OPA]

  Therapist courses

  Such as seminars and workshops

♦ hold the show! We offer also would like that. Please contact us.

♦ hereCare and course flowYou can see.

Cancellation policy

♦ Department holding less-than-capacity

At least 3 persons.
For individual, cannot be held if already subscribed, will be contacted.

♦ cancellation policy

Department days before 6:00 PM course cancellation happens the cancellation fee of 3,000 yen.
You may also occur separately cancellation fees and other expenses if the trip course.
Please note that.

♦ [OPA] of the expiration

After the lecture, after the mentenanswork shop, or through personal chiropractor (treatment)
[OPA] If after one year of the expiration date will expire.