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(Target:[OPA] to those interested, anyone)

(Target:How to use the course(1)(2)(3)And organize courses of the brain(1)(2)(3)All students have been better)

(Target:Who completed basic courses, advanced courses, course work)
(Target:[OPA] therapist)
(Target:[OPA] therapist)
(Target:[OPA] therapist)
(Target:[OPA] therapist)
(Target:[OPA] therapist TT course of outstanding students)
(Target:"[OPA] of the using Department ' therapist 'brain organize course' series 1 teacher of the [OPA])

(Target:[OPA] who are taking at least one course that is. Therapists also available)
(Target:"[OPA] of the using Department ' who completed at least one)
(Target:"[OPA] of using Department ' and ended up 'of the brain organize course' series 2 or 3 people)
(Target:Who completed the course work to use [OPA])

Cancellation policy

♦ Department holding less-than-capacity

At least 3 persons.
For individual, cannot be held if already subscribed, will be contacted.

♦ cancellation policy

Department days before 6:00 PM course cancellation happens the cancellation fee of 3,000 yen.
You may also occur separately cancellation fees and other expenses if the trip course.
Please note that.

♦ [OPA] of the expiration

After the lecture, after the mentenanswork shop, or through personal chiropractor (treatment)
[OPA] If after one year of the expiration date will expire.