Here, Karatsu-Shi, saga
Overlooking the Genkai quasi-National Park
The Hill of 184 M above sea level
It is a village retreat of Hoshi no furu.

[OPA] was born here.

Time away and routine in nature,
When the face gently and
The village retreat of Hoshi no furu
Please use the accommodation.

From it's about time,
You are looking for a good bye,
Wants to meet with their precious time,
Please go out.

To stop time and to unwind in the quiet.

  Retreat information

Welcome. to of Hoshi no furu village retreat!

Dog walk next to the

Climb this hill and...

The main room retreat

Spread out in front of the sea
Genkai quasi-National Park

Listening to the voice of the bird,
While admiring the sea view
Bodywork with aroma [OPA]

Oh-and take a deep breath ~!

It's the evening!
Let's go for a walk together.!

Sinking Sun landscapes

Enzymatic rice at dinner

Tranquil views of sea and sky

The morning is morning sun bird voice
You wake up happy
How is your walk in the morning?

Breakfast is bread and carrot Apple juice

Guest room information

♦ amenities

Bath towel / Hand towel / Faye style / Shampoo and conditioner / Hair dryer / Toothbrush set

♦ rates
* All prices are tax included.

[OPA] toy

When you want to return to the happy
This should have at hand.

And enjoy it
Also the body easier.
The safe minds.

In the village retreat-star falls,
We offer the following four products.

One of each please click.


Introduction to staff


Saga Prefectural Karatsu-Hizen town oura 956-1 From Fukuoka
: Fukuoka Airport
: Hakata station
From the airport or train station: Please use the subway. Metro is served by the JR chikuhi line has. JR Karatsu station.

From the saga
Please use the JR.

From JR Karatsu station
Public transport: bus. Cut BARAKI Pudong tens of Koga-no-Sato River (magariかwa) Portal on line.
By taxi: approximately 3500 yen.
Transfer: 2000 yen (please contact)

Bus timetables← Please click here.

Tens of Koga-no-Sato River bus station
Walking in the direction of cut wood elementary school 7. To see iroha Island bed and breakfast Hall "or"island of Peter Pan"directions. Signs along the way.

Walking guide← Please click here.