I Ah ~🌸Spring is launched💃🏻

3-11 in Hamamatsu "movement of adult play" seminar was held.

As you can see with a pleasant smile, even children rather play half an hour.

It was just a good momentum.

Sensation play, but at the same time healed feelings.

It was said that Hamamatsu to work out the [OPA] Kuniko 曽布川, therapist, if you request it, you want to go places.

Anyone interested, please inform us. opasatoko@gmail.com

Or who want to know what you can do, such as do not hesitate contact us.

Target audience:Adults and children. Especially movement incorporates people with disabilities and the elderly. Adults feel as the rhythm of the movement further. MOM wants to play with the kids and dad.

Effect:Development and fun. In full color, from incorporating the sense of rhythm. To experience the balloon stops time flow and rhythm.