Heavy rain

I think going the hard crust,
Now from the sky raining,
At the turn of the seasons so I think what is happening or not.

Though this year's heavy rain in Kyushu
It might be not amusing even where no matter what! To think about
By the change of the angle a little wave?
Change of vibrations affecting the air friction?
Every day that it really happens.

First of all know at this time,
No I never bothered! You keep wondering.

To find a solution to something natural, and
Become your own.

Point there.

It's important to fix it yourself, and
To have the feeling
Exhausted in the little things,
I think that to keep your firm.

It is also small and
Or is too big, there is a

In that little do anything rash,
1tsu1tsu carefully based on the fact
In addition to the "what? "In instead.

"It's gone! "I come up with something,
What do you.

The idea is
And the feeling comes naturally
Otherwise with inspiration.

Such as their integrated conscious and unconscious of the
I'd already always in light talking.

There better, said whether or not the
Maybe but not natural but not
In the arrangement of the brain, just a little discomfort and even get rid of that
A lot of that
I tell myself that way.

It is the [OPA].

I'm sure everyone [OPA] and and get the tools that
Naturally what is happening when
I would enjoy a little fun.

This tool is meant to play naturally.

I play that was originally put out the power have their own
Means walking towards the close.

So, easy is not maybe.

However, daily life is so small that

Look at that little one by
1 one's hair, and from this he
Become a fun feeling,
But it is not immune to disaster
But sometimes after that settlement,
When his uncompleted work
I can peel off eyes in a good direction,
And be stuck there until
I think.

Invisible and visible.

But this is a battle between the two
Really is one of those that
People with the assistance from the both of them
I would live there.

But because
By a tool such as conscious and unconscious
Physical symptoms, psychological and psychiatric symptoms light
In addition to brain helplessly and moisturized without feeling discomfort, shall be
I think light will light.

That's it,
Everyone who is dating and their integration
I think they want, there are various differences in the determination.

Or just my feeling no anxiety, such as
While listening to and
Let me Act.

But I often hear the word "brainwashing"
Never correct their information from people
And you absolutely should not
I broke it, he will.

Are you strapped yourself in seeking respect for his.
So, sometimes corresponding to the opposite
You admitted it yourself, come to terms with something.

I think it's the ability to adapt and
To, to adapt to a variety
I would give a round of applause.

In the village retreat-star falls,
Today's play [OPA] therapist courses
Will do. It lasts for 3 days.

Would be good one day.

Everyone, give applause to the guests.

Yumiko fujimatsu