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[OPA] MOM seminar will be held in the Kanto region. Flock of therapist.

You raise what do you think?

If my grandma and
And Grandpa, that wasn't bringing up a child of a large family, so
Under the do not know how I brought up children
Was panicking like crazy.

As a result, yeah! This is not!
Thought that later gave birth to the child than the other three.

Then to learn that "parenting".
I was reading a book on child rearing, but
I felt the book the philosophy of the
"Parenting" was a breakthrough. Practical counseling methods
It was the us.

Counseling is one of communication.

Various communication methods.

And 叱ri飛basu

And so on.

And which would you rather I was type "next"
It is thought with NG and myself.
I'm ignoring the feelings of the child! And.

But I do not know the feeling of the children! And
Was thinking.

But something is wrong. My way is different!
You-not! Someone please tell me ~!

What I was thinking.

To study on their own, but no!
Counseling is a good ability.
Even in my little something is missing!

Has been counseling and
Even though it's good partner support
To say you can't.

How counselling is
Don't tell yourself that is focused on.

Thought so, think for yourself, and ended up

After counseling
How to tell a good and nice!

It was.

How to be good advice.

Want to tell parents?

Try taking the child's feelings in counseling.
Also trying to convey the feelings of the parents then
Not transmitted.


I thought I was.

In the way the child was telling the trap was not.

This relationship with anyone that is
-Think handed down from their child.
It was quite a shock.

It's from there

Reading plus counseling
Considered necessary, www.

It is the current [OPA].

I think everyone in hopes that more often.

Please come and hear the story once. See the fun that is drink.

Yumiko fujimatsu


When: 11/23 (Wed. / holiday) 10:00-12
Location: Saitama city
Contents: [OPA] MOM seminar
-Don't get mad from Mama's love! ~
Lecturer: Yumiko fujimatsu "anger speaking.
高三野 great beauty "to throw away, and children face"
Junko region reading a picture book
Participation fee: 2,500 yen
Capacity: 18 persons
Contact us / request:opa-seminar.11.23@gmail.com
高三野 (takamino) Harumi
  ?Name store contact phone number listed on the quote.
  ?Consultation is necessary, together with the children of the elementary school lower grades below.
Application deadline: 11/20 (Monday) 6:00 PM