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Good evening. Hello everyone, today was any one day? So many things happened to me. I think first of all, in the morning yesterday came here 80-year-old grandmother had neighborhood encounter on a stroll this morning and came here. Have a freshly caught up in yesterday's soft boiled bamboo shoots, and home-grown cucumbers. "Today between you? Can you ask for? Do you have time? "And saying," Please🌺Here you are🎵"And we go inside. Once you start on the bed next to you, so "脱gann clothes with you lot? "Care of our clothes came yesterday to lie it was. Talked about that also happens to be at that time directly swag aroma manipulative, so would like it💕And found that💕From September is in full swing, but now in the pre-please do that, so we have gladly. Would you believe it! I have heard that the 86-year-old. "I Ah ~💕Feeling good-. Assistant who hopefully, there isn't! ~. I do to. "And saying the re-set. You are near to even [OPA] there are therapists. Introduction to the therapist, please contact us.セラピスト紹介/ feel comfortable. Departure in the morning and 1, when difference and well. Is chiropractors in the morning air. Care to stay here is also available. Please, please come. We will wait. Continued that afternoon and evening are very encouraging. Come on, let's tomorrow🌺💝🎵Thank you for today✨Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.

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